WEBINAR: Culture and the Green Agenda: Introducing Global, European and Cypriot Frameworks

Date: Thursday 17 March 2022, 6 – 8pm EET , Location: Zoom

This event will introduce the overarching global, European and Cypriot frameworks for the role of culture in supporting environmental and social sustainability.



Clymene Christoforou (CY / UK) Director of D6:EU / D6: Culture in TransitWelcome and introduction.
Panayiotis Sentonas (CY)
Commissioner for the Citizen
Introduction to the Commission for the Citizen and the opportunities and practices for citizens’ engagement, as well as plans for enhancing its work and active participation in support of social and environmental sustainability.
Xavier Troussard (BE) Head of the New European Bauhaus Unit
The European Commission has called for an “innovative and aesthetic” approach to fully realise the Green New Deal in people’s lives. Find out how the New European Bauhaus will bring this about through transforming environmental, economic, and cultural goals.
Marta Llobet (ES) United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)Learn about the value of culture in support of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Culture Committee’s recent report, The Role of Culture in Climate Resilient Development.
Argyro Toumazou (CY)
Director, D6:EU 
Moderated discussion and concluding remarks.