D6:EU is a new cultural NGO based in Cyprus, developing new opportunities for artists and cultural collaborations in Cyprus, Europe and the Middle East. With an expertise in visual arts practice which supports social and environmental justice, we collaborate with artists, communities and policy makers in valuing the role of the arts as the fouth pillar of sustainable development.

Emerging from a this global pandemic, Europe faces growing social inequalities, diverse populations, populism, radicalisation and other threats. Culture is a vital aspect of building social cohesion. Through the arts we can communicate across languages and cultures, build confidence, reveal perspectives on heritage and better understand the impact of climate change on our communities.

The European Commission has called for an “innovative and aesthetic” approach to fully realize the European Green Deal in people’s lives. The New European Bauhaus calls on all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls. At local levels nations, cities and neighbourhoods have developed ambitious strategies to reduce carbon footprints, minimise waste and develop cultures of sustainability.

The time is right for the cultural sector to contribute to solutions for the good of our people and our planet and to understand the role we have in supporting sustainable development through our practice and as a form of local advocacy.

As cultural producers, D6EU is ready to play its part. Come journey with us……..


Interview with Argyro Toumazou

We interviewed D6: EU founding board member, Argyro Toumazou to find out more about her and why she wanted to be involved with D6: EU. Read the interview here.


Emergency, Influence and Practice Webinars

What is the role of the arts community in addressing the climate crisis? We’ll be addressing this in a series of international webinars, and final conference, taking place in Nicosia, this autumn. Find out more here.