D6:EU is a new cultural NGO based in Cyprus, developing opportunities for artists and cultural collaborations in Cyprus, Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. With an expertise in visual arts practice, we collaborate with artists, communities and policy makers, seeing culture as a vital aspect of building social cohesion.

Emerging from a global pandemic, we see growing social inequalities, a rise in populist politics, polarising media, radicalisation and loss of personal agency. Through the arts we can communicate across languages and cultures, build confidence, reveal perspectives on heritage and social injustice, and better understand the impact of climate change on our communities.

The time is right for the cultural sector to contribute to solutions for the good of our people and our planet. As cultural producers, D6:EU is ready to play its part. 


Opportunity: Cultural Communications Producer

If you’re interested in the role of culture in supporting social and environmental justice, this freelance Cultural Communications Producer role could be for you. Find out more here.

We welcome D6:EU’s new board members

We are delighted to announce that Christos Carras, Nora Hadjisoteriou, Dize K√ľkrer, Stacey Pitsilides and Alessandro Vincentelli join our board. Find out more here.



Connecting artists whose practice has been disrupted by forced migration and organisations that support them, ASSEMBLE addresses the challenges of artistic practice in exile. Find out more here. 

Artists selected for Belonging

Belonging is a new virtual exhibition that will support 11 artists whose practice has been disrupted by forced migration and addresses the inequalities they face. Find out more here.

Contested Desires: Constructive Dialogues

This transnational project exposes the problematic legacy of European colonisation found in museums and heritage sites to encourage understanding and reveal untold narratives. Find out more here.