(RE)GROUNDING 2024 Artists

Congratulations to the artists selected to take part in (Re)Grounding 2024: Alexandra Clod, Dariia Dantseva, Dasha Podoltseva and Oleksandr Sirous.

(Re)Grounding 2024 is an urgent call to build solidarity towards environmental justice through artistic production and community exchange. Working with the artists from Ukraine,  the programme draws threads between environmental and cultural contexts shaped by mining histories in Ukraine, Cyprus and the UK.

Alexandra and Dariia will be taking part in residencies at D6:EU in Cyprus, while Dasha and Oleksandra will be based at D6 in Newcastle in the North East of England. The artists will reflect on their surrounding environments and industrial contexts to create new work, casting light on the climate crisis. In this way, (Re)Grounding will offer approaches to support the future green rebuilding of Ukraine and a socially-just green transition for the UK, Cyprus and beyond. 

While focussed on the climate crisis, the programme has unfolded against Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the complex intersections between social, political and environmental issues and the vital role culture plays in navigating them. 

Artists in Residence in Cyprus

Alexandra Clod

‘The Roots of My Longing’ by Alexandra Clod

Utilizing analog photography, video, and performance in her art practice, Alexandra explores the relations between personal and collective mythology and the modern manifestation of psychological archetypes and rituals.

Dariia Dantseva

Dariia Dantseva

Dariia Dantseva – (b. 2000, Dnipro) is a biohacker, interdisciplinary artist, founder of Ukraine’s first DIY biohacker space Yanelab, and a member of the international group of biohackers Central Dogma Collective.

Artists in Residence in the UK

Dasha Podoltseva

Dasha Podoltseva is a Ukrainian visual artist and graphic designer born in Kyiv. She graduated from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and studied academic drawing and painting in Oleksandr Titov’s workshop.

Oleksandr Sirous

Oleksandr is a multidisciplinary artist who navigates the complex interplay between new media, game mechanics, and socio-political themes. By exploring the illusion of a centralised digital reality, they confront the suppression of individuality perpetuated by neural networks.

(Re)Grounding 2024 is a partnership between IZOLYATSIA (Ukraine), D6:EU (Cyprus) and D6: Culture in Transit (UK). The programme is supported by: the UK/UA Creative Partnerships programme created by the British Council in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute; the European Cultural Foundation; Arts Council England, and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.